Our Story

Dr Askari

Having opened his first clinic in 2008, sold it to the UK’s largest chain of aesthetic clinics and then spent five years with them as Director of Medical Services, Dr Askari opened his 2nd clinic in 2015. Within 18 months, ASKINOLOGY had won 3 national awards and was growing fast. By 2017, Dr Askari and his management team had been exposed to 14 different clinic software systems. Only 2 out of the 14 had a positive impact on the business.

Finding software that would help his business grow rather than hinder it was the beginning of a life changing journey.

The challenges

The best software Dr Askari had used worked to run the business smoothly but didn’t have specific functionality such as easy to use digital notes.

The worst examples broke too frequently and sometimes even lost patient data. Although some had lots of features, many simply didn’t work well enough. The result was poor customer experiences, lost sales and wasted staff time.

Too much time was spent on software problems and not enough time running his business.

The solution

As someone who used software every day and understood exactly what was needed to run a busy clinic, Dr Askari decided he was in a great position to build his own! With input from internationally renowned clinic owners and his clinic team, he personally designed Collums page by page to ensure a simple and intuitive user journey despite advanced features.

After 2.5 years of development, Collums was launched in ASKINOLOGY in January 2021. The team tested Collums extensively over seven months before onboarding the first clinic. Another 6 months of real life testing was done before launching Collums to other clinics.

We believe Collums is the most tested clinic software that has ever been developed.

Being a customer himself and using Collums in his own clinic, not only does Dr Askari’s team offer software but can also advise on how to integrate Collums into your current business processes for best results. We are perfectly placed to really understand the problems practitioners face day to day and offer solutions.

If your current software is letting you down, speak to us about how we overcame our problems and can help you overcome yours.